Adapting To The New COVID-19 Restrictions

As we enter into a period of further restrictions to reduce the spread of Covid-19 many businesses will have to temporarily close or adapt.

Our office remains open for business and our phone lines are fully operational.  E-mails are regularly monitored.

Should you need to attend the office to consult with your solicitor we would remind you that we can see clients by appointment only and you must telephone the office in advance to arrange an appointment.

Safety Measures Implemented

As a responsible business we have implemented a range of safety measures for the protection of you and our staff. Our safety measures ensure that you can attend our office without worry.

  • We now have screened areas for all our protection and enhanced social distancing measures.
  • We have implemented a rigorous cleaning process to ensure that all surfaces are sanitised regularly.
  • We recommend the use of a face covering.
  • We have limited the number of people on our premises and therefore it is essential that you do not attend without an appointment.
  • We are happy to deal with your case over the phone or by e-mail as a face to face appointment is not always needed. We can use Skype and Zoom to link up with you.

The Courts are still operating as much as possible on a remote basis and Court business can be carried out remotely using video-link and telephone conferencing.  The current guidance is that members of the public and legal representatives should not attend Court unless it is specifically required and pre-arranged.

We Are Constantly Evolving

Gus Campbell solicitors strive to be responsible and innovative in the use of technology in order to continue to provide a first class service to our clients. We understand that these times are uncertain and a legal case can be stressful. We keep up to date with all developments to ensure that we can advise you and resolve your case as quickly as we can.  Gus Campbell Solicitors are constantly evolving to ensure that we can progress cases and resolve your legal queries. We have implemented new practices to assist us now and in future and to ensure that we are a modern and forward thinking legal practice.