Some of Our Recent Success Stories

In recent weeks we have settled numerous personal injury claims and the feedback from our clients has been so positive. Here are just a few of the recent success stories from Gus Campbell Solicitors….


Our client suffered significant injuries as a result of a high impact road traffic accident on a motorway when he was the front seat passenger in a vehicle which suffered a rear end impact. A claim was made against the insurers of the at fault motorist who accepted responsibility quickly. Our client sustained neck, back and chest injuries, together with travel anxiety and a flare up of psoriasis.

We obtained all the necessary medical reports to confirm the nature and extent of his injuries, which were long lasting and had a negative impact on our client’s ability to work and enjoy life to the full. Our client was delighted with the settlement offer of £25,000.

It is important to note that not all injuries are physical, and any accident can cause problems and health concerns that are not always obvious. At Gus Campbell Solicitors we take the time to analyse each claim and to talk to our clients to ensure that we have a full picture of the impact of an accident upon an individual.


Our client was injured at work as a result of a man-hole cover falling onto his foot. The man-hole cover had been improperly stored by another employee and we argued that the employer was at fault due to poor health and safety practices and an unsafe working environment. The insurers of his employer accepted responsibility. 

Our client suffered an injury to his foot and was out of work for several weeks. He was unable to fully enjoy the hobbies and interests in which he would have normally engaged. Our client suffered a long period of pain and he needed physiotherapy treatment for his injury. Our client was very happy to settle his claim for £20,000.

We were able to negotiate settlement of this case without the need for our client to issue Court Proceedings or attend Court as he did not want to have to take this action. 

We can assure all clients that we will deal with your claim in the most appropriate way and will listen to what you want. Some cases will have to be dealt with by a Court, but we will settle a claim when the insurer makes a fair offer of compensation and this will always be agreed by you, the client.

Gus Campbell Solicitors

At Gus Campbell Solicitors our experienced Personal Injury solicitors strive to deal with claims in a tailored and sympathetic way. No two cases are the same and there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach. Very often we hear that people have been advised by well meaning friends or family who have heard about other cases or perhaps had their own claim in the past. We would say that you should listen to our advice and see what we can offer you. All initial consultations are completely free and we are happy to talk things over with no obligation to you. Remember that you have a 3 year period within which to make a claim and it may not be too late even if you haven’t taken action sooner. If you have suffered due to an accident or injury which was not your fault, talk to us to see what we can do.