The New Working Environment

As we emerge from the Coronavirus pandemic we are doing all we can to adapt to the new working environment.

Our office is open for business and our phone lines are fully operational.  E-mails are regularly monitored.

Should you need to attend the office to consult with your solicitor we are pleased to see clients by appointment only

Please telephone the office in advance to arrange an appointment.

Safety Measures Implemented

We have implemented a range of safety measures for the protection of you and our staff. Our safety measures ensure that you can attend our office without worry. We now have screened areas for all our protection and enhanced social distancing measures. We request that you use the hand sanitiser provided upon entering our office.

We have implemented a rigorous cleaning process to ensure that all surfaces are sanitised regularly.

If you wish to wear a face covering you are welcome to do so.

We have limited the number of people on our premises and therefore it is essential that you do not attend without an appointment.

If you are attending the office then we have some guidelines to ensure that you can do so safely:

Please follow the up to date public health guidance and do not attend the office if you are self-isolating,  unwell, have been in contact with some who is unwell or are awaiting the results of a test for Coronavirus.

If you are unsure whether you should attend the office, we are happy to speak to you by phone or e-mail as this can often avoid the need for an appointment.

Please attend the office alone. If you need to bring someone with you, please ensure that you tell us this when you are arranging your appointment.

We have reduced space in our waiting area and you should arrive for your appointment on time so that you can proceed directly to the consultation area.

Remote Platforms

If you do not wish to attend the office then we are happy to deal with your case over the phone or by e-mail. We are increasing the use of remote platforms such as Skype and Zoom to link up with our clients. We use our website and Facebook to publish regular general updates and news. We encourage clients to review us, for example by using Google Reviews.

We are moving from paper based files to secure digital storage to facilitate remote working. Our solicitors are able to work remotely on your files should this be required.

We are working to move cases forward. However, the Courts and other parties such as medical experts, have not returned to full operations. The Courts are operating on a remote basis as much as possible, and some Court business can be carried out remotely using video-link, telephone conferencing and skype. The NICTS (Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service) have a detailed plan to gradually move towards full re-opening of the Courts as soon as it is safe to do so.  The current guidance is that members of the public and legal representatives should not attend Court unless it is specifically required and pre-arranged. If you have an ongoing case which has been adjourned or is yet to be listed for Court hearing, your solicitor will update you regarding the current position.

We are working with barristers and experts such as medical experts to find ways to progress cases without face to face appointments. We are using remote methods where possible in place of face to face appointments. We are training our staff in the use of up to date technology to ensure that there are alternatives to the traditional means of communicating.

Adaptable and Innovative

Gus Campbell solicitors strive to be adaptable and innovative in the use of technology in order to continue to provide a first class service to our clients. We understand that these times are uncertain and a legal case can be stressful. We keep up to date with all developments to ensure that we can advise you and resolve your case as quickly as we can.  Gus Campbell Solicitors are constantly evolving to ensure that we can progress cases and resolve your legal queries. We have implemented new practices to assist us now and in future and to ensure that we are a modern and forward thinking legal practice.

We appreciate that not all of our clients are able to access or use remote methods of communication. We understand that the new way of doing business can be a challenge. We are therefore happy to use the traditional face to face means of communication if you prefer. We have taken every precaution to ensure that you can attend our office safely.